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The Idaho Association of Secondary School Principals is seeking candidates who are interested in filling the position of director of the IASC. This position typically contracts for 3 years at a time. The IASSP board would like to interview interested parties at their April 14th meeting. Please submit a resume and letter of interest to me by March 28, 2014.Administrators and members of the association are preferred for this position,but teachers and current student council advisors will be considered. An annual stipend is offered.



The term of office of the IASC Director shall be determined by the Idaho Association of Secondary Schools Principals. Terms will usually be three years each with the opportunity to be reappointed one time.

Duties of the IASC Director as outlined in the current Constitution:

a.       Act as an advisor to the IASC Student Officers.

b.      Publicize Association activities in publications and by personal appearance.

c.       Assist student officers in Association activities.

d.      Submit a budget for revenues and expenses for the annual convention no later than August of each year.

e.      Keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures, and give an accounting of those transactions to the IASC Board as well as the staff of the IASA for accounting purposes.

f.        The Director retains the right to veto any action by the officers, or/and decision of the Executive Board.

g.       The Executive Board retains right of appeal on a veto to the IASSP President and/or the IASA Executive Director.

Note: Recent action of the IASSP Executive Board, under which the youth organization runs, includes the following procedures related to these duties:

a.                  Appointees of IASSP must be active principals or assistant principals in an Idaho secondary school and maintain active IASSP/NASSP membership. If there are no administrator candidates, this position will be open to Student Council Advisors with a minimum of 2 years of experience.

b.                  Appointees appear in person and report to the IASSP Board at each quarterly meeting. (not manditory)

c.                   Financial activities of the youth group will be run through the IASA offices with the IASA Executive Director approving disbursements in accordance with the approved budget.


·         The IASC Statewide Conference is held in the Winter at a time and place to be decided by the Executive Committee. (venue to be determined)

·         Regional IASC Conferences may be held in the Fall at a time and place decided upon and approved by the Executive Board; regional advisors and officers are in charge.

·         The IASC Executive Board will meet in late summer and early winter to plan and organize the annual State and Fall regional Conferences respectively.

·         Special meetings may be called by the Director, President, or upon decision by the Executive Committee. Some meetings may be conducted through electronic media.

·         The director represents Idaho at two national meetings; a state directors meeting each November/December and the NASC Convention each June/July, if finances permit.


                Each member shall pay an annual fee to the IASA for membership in the IASC. An annual budget is developed by the Director and IASC Board, and approved by the IASSP Board annually. IASA staff provides financial reports from the accounting system. Payment of bills are authorized by the Director of IASA and paid through the IASA office. 

                Official Funds may be used to pay all routine expenses of the Association, to pay expenses incurred on official business by the Executive Committee, and to assist in sending the Executive Board Members to National conferences.

                Financial records of the IASC shall be audited annually, in conjunction with the IASA & IASSP.  The audit will be reported annually to the IASSP Executive Board.

                An annual stipend of $3,500 is available for this position paid in quarterly payments throughout the academic year.
Last Modified on March 7, 2014