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Announcing: IASA 2015 Keynote Speaker Lineup

Wednesday, August 5th

John Watson, founder of the Evergreen Education Group, started consulting in 2000 after serving as director of business development and consultant for eCollege, where he helped educational organizations launch their online programs and was instrumental in developing the company’s K-12 strategy. John and Evergreen’s work has been cited in the New York Times, Education Week, and eSchool News, he has appeared on NBC Nightly News, and he has presented numerous times at the Virtual School Symposium of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, Technology and Leadership Conference of the National School Boards Association, and other conferences.

Thursday, August 6th

John Couch, VP of Education for Apple. John Couch started his career at Hewlett-Packard before joining Apple in 1978. He was quickly appointed head of the Lisa project, a position that Steve Jobs coveted. Steve's constant interference with the Lisa team made Couch force him out, which led to Steve's taking over the Mac project.Eventually, Couch left Apple in 1984, before Steve hired him back in 2002 to run the company's education efforts.

Friday, August 7th

John Draper has energized audiences of educators, school leaders and community members in over 40 states.  His presentations are marked by thoughtful analysis, engaging narrative and a refreshing passion for the mission of public schools. He makes research fun! As the CEO of the Educational Research Service in Washington, DC, Dr. Draper spawned conversations among school leaders nationwide on engaging staff and communities in active support of our schools.  His presentations are known for getting to the root of the research and translating it into focused, proactive leadership practices.  He is now a nation-wide consultant working with the National School Public Relations Association to expand support for public schools.  NSPRA is a membership organization dedicated to helping educational leaders build community support for schools and school districts.