Memberships run from July 1st to June 30th of each year and are renewed annually. 

By becoming a member of IASA you will receive benefits such as:

Legislative information
Discounts on conference fees
Two copies a year of the Perspective magazine

Please call the IASA office or visit our website: to become a member.  March 1, 2013 we will begin taking renewals or new memberships for the 2013-2014 school year.       

Higher Education Membership
 - Any person who administers or teaches in programs for the preparation of educational administrators - $110.00

State Department of Education Membership- Any person who serves in an administrative/supervisory position in the Idaho State Department of Education - $110.00
Retired Membership -  Any person who held an Active membership in the Association immediately preceding retirement from educational administration - $50.00
Student (Aspiring) Membership  - Any person who is a graduate student in educational administration and not eligible for Active membership - $40.00
Certificated (formerly inactive) - Any person who is certified as an administrator, but not employed as an administrator in an Idaho public or non-public school system or not eligible for Active Membership - $70.00
Partner Membership - Any individual who desires membership in the Association and does not meet the Active or other Associate membership categories - $350.00
Institutional Membership - An institutional membership in IASA is available to an institution of higher learning of Idaho.   Allows anyone currently employed by the university who administers or teaches in programs for the preparation of educational professionals to attend IASA events at the member price and receive access to publications and information put forth by the association.  An institutional member has the same rights as allied associate members except that institutional members may not vote on any matter - $1050.00