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Idaho Association of Special Education Administrators Award Recipients

IASEA Distinguished Service Award

Ramona Lee - Special Education Director

West Ada School District

Ramona Lee - West Ada School District

IASEA's Distinguished Service Award goes to Ramona Lee for providing superior leadership and advocacy in special education.

West Ada School Superintendent Dr. Mary Ann Ranells notes that Ramona is, "...respected by teachers, support staff, parents, students and administrators throughout Idaho," as is evidenced by the fact that she is a past Idaho State Special Education Director of the Year.

In rising to the challenge of raising expectations for herself, her staff and students, Ramona initiates improvements in special education that enhance the learning environment for all students. She has created vibrant, high-achieving, innovative and student-centered special education programs.

In order to guarantee excellence in teaching so that students may perform to the best of their abilities, Ramona articulates parameters for quality, models lessons, praises student achievement, sets clear goals and enforces policies fairly and consistently. As a result, she fulfills the mission of her school district to meet the needs of students with disabilities and their families.

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