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IASA Award Recipients

IASA Distinguished Service Award

Marjean McConnell Lewis

Deputy SuperintendentBonneville School District

Marjean McConnell Lewis - Bonneville School District

IASA's Distinguished Service Award, 2019, goes to Bonneville School District's retiring deputy superintendent, Marjean McConnell Lewis, for the significant positive impacts she has had upon public school education.

Over more than forty years Lewis established a reputation as an advocate for all children. She was an elementary and secondary principal in neighboring Idaho Falls School District before teaching, being a principal again and then taking on district-wide duties in Bonneville.

As Bonneville's Human Resources Director, from 2003-2012, and as deputy superintendent since then, Lewis' priority was facilitation of students reaching their full potential. She has been honored at school, district and state levels with recognition of her dedication to helping all students and staff do their best work.

Colleague Jeanne Johnson, who worked with her in both Idaho Falls and Bonneville districts, noted the Lewis' "ability to create a culture of support and inclusiveness helped make school a place where all students could be successful."

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