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IASA Award Recipients

IASA Leadership in Idaho by Friends of Education (LIFE) Award

Britteny Gardner - West Ada School District Education Foundation President

Britteny Gardner - Assistant VP, Wells Fargo

Graduate of West Ada School District, and with 2 of her 4 children currently attending school there, too, Britteny Gardner has served on the district's Education Foundation for 6 years. In that capacity she has been a consummate fundraiser for West Ada.

This year the Foundation received over $1.2 million, more than half of which came from parents and community members who heard Gardner's outreach efforts about the district's successes and vitality to the community. As master of ceremonies for the Education Foundation Gala, she has grown the event from losing money to raising over $65,000 for schools.

When she chaired the district bond committee, Gardner created flyers, helped design a web site and met with civic organizations to raise awareness of the district's needs in its rapid growth. Her outreach efforts have also included leading school tours, creating videos that showcase the district's schools and appearing on local television shows to advocate for the district's work.

IASA has awarded Britteny Gardner the 2019 LIFE award for these contributions of time, expertise and energy to promote the education of students in the West Ada School District.

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